The Philocaly Trail was initiated as many people do not know our magnificent coastline – it was an opportunity for people to walk this mostly untouched shores, while raising money for WILDOCEANS, BREATHECONSERVATION and KZN BEACH CLEAN UP.

Marine pollution is a major global problem and these charities work tirelessly to keep our oceans clean.

TrueNorth was a major sponsor of the walk as well as Carl, the MD participating in walking half the distance. Along the way, walking with like minded people encouraged Carl to pick up litter, bottle tops in particular, which he found to be plentiful. He wrote the word Philocaly Trail in a few of the tops he found, within the space of 100 metres.

We achieved what I set out to do – raise money for the charities doing the amazing work, and enabled nature lovers to appreciate what beauty we have on our doorstep.

Philocaly – ‘the love of beauty’