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TrueNorth Recruitment is 9!

TrueNorth Recruitment celebrated it’s ninth birthday in July 2019.  We are eternally grateful for the many mutual beneficial relationships we have with both our Clients and Candidates.

Highbury Golf Day

TrueNorth, specialist Financial Recruiters sponsored the 9th tee box at the Highbury Golf Day hosted at Kloof Country Club.

The Ripple Effect of Paying It Forward

When we set off on our all-female Elephant Ignite Expedition (EIE) in 2016, we had no idea what kind of ripple effect we might be setting in motion. Our mission was to travel 15,000km through 10 Southern African countries to point the global spotlight on the plight of Africa’s gentle giants, which involved raising funds to support organisations dedicated to the preservation of elephants, assisting with community upliftment and youth conservation education.
It was during a session of youth conservation education at Mugurameno Primary School in Zambia (with the Conservation Lower Zambezi (CLZ) organisation) that an opportunity presented itself to not only change the plight of African elephants, but also change a life. We were meeting with 12 of their students, who all belonged to the school’s Environmental Eco-Club.
We spent some time talking with the children, educating them about environmental issues, and that’s when we met Gloria. She was so attentive and constantly had her hand in the air to answer any question we asked. Gloria’s eagerness to learn really made an impact on one of our EIE crew members, Nikki Williamson, who wanted to try and help further Gloria’s education.

The ripple effect
When Nikki returned to TrueNorth Recruitment from the expedition, she contacted CLZ in her own capacity to see if she could sponsor Gloria’s schooling as a bursary, wanting to have a positive impact on Gloria’s life, and future. Nikki has been paying out of her own pocket for Gloria to go to school for the past year now – a wonderful ripple effect from the Elephant Ignite Expedition.
Nikki had just three conditions for the bursary:

  • Gloria must retain her A aggregate
  • She must complete a conservation project every term
  • She must not fall pregnant.

Unfortunately, Gloria didn’t meet the first two conditions but Nikki is hopeful that she will improve with time to make the most of this opportunity. Nikki is planning on paying for the next year’s school fees as well, to set Gloria up properly and hopefully, inspire others to do the same.

Paying it forward
Gloria has just turned 15 years old and has changed schools (15 girls in her other school are pregnant) to attend Chitende Secondary School in Chiawa Village. Nikki was thrilled to receive a letter and copies of two of Gloria’s school projects recently, both of which were conservation focused: “How can we, in the community, protect elephants?” and “A tree planting project at Chitende Secondary School”.

In Nikki’s words:
“I just need to know that maybe one good deed inspires another, and that others catch on and pay it forward.”

Nikki’s generosity has helped to change Gloria’s life. In this world, there is no shortage of opportunities to change a life. Your act of kindness can create a positive ripple effect beyond what you might be able to see. So if you feel like paying it forward today, why not sponsor the education of a child?

If you are interested in sponsoring, please contact

Article written by: Carla Geyser

Gift of the Givers

TrueNorth Recruitment in Durban has donated to the Gift of the Givers ‘Winter Warmth’ programme.

Igniting a passion for elephant conservation

Durban-based Executive Consultant from TrueNorth Recruitment Nikki Williamson joined the self-funded ELEPHANT IGNITE EXPEDITION in September 2016 for two weeks in Zambia and Malawi.
She has been an integral part in the fundraising and awareness for this project. Nikki’s background in conservation and tourism was fundamental in establishing her love for Africa’s animals and her people.
The Expedition has four aims which are, elephant awareness, community upliftment, fundraising and education.